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Investing in your home’s landscape can be a great way to create more functional space on your property while increasing the overall value of your home. If you are considering planning a new landscape for your home in Glenview, Shelly’s Landscape Contractors can offer a combined 75 years of experience to offer design tips and insight for yards of all shapes and sizes. Once we help you create the perfect design for your space, we will take care of every step in the construction and installation process and help you keep your yard looking great with regular maintenance.

What Can You Achieve with Your Landscape Design?
Custom landscape design offers limitless possibilities for your outdoor space. Even if you have a small, oddly shaped, or sloped backyard, our landscaping team can help you make the most of your yard to give you the form and function you want in the space.

• Privacy in your yard – The right plants and fencing can give you added privacy both in your yard and your home while offering great aesthetics. We’ll help you select the best plants and details for your property while maintaining the overall theme of your preferred design.
• Functional yard elements – Whether you want to use your yard to entertain, attract wildlife, or maintain a garden, we can help you bring these elements to life with designated functionality throughout your backyard.
• Eco-friendly landscaping – Conserving water and promoting better drainage are both features that a well-designed landscape can offer. From rain gardens to rainwater harvesting to native plant selection, we can help you create a space that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective when it comes to water usage.

Why Consult a Professional Landscaper?
While jobs like planting flowers or repainting the deck may be easy to do yourself, designing and installing a new landscape from the ground up is a job for our professional team. We can ensure that you achieve all of your design goals within your set budget and deliver a finished product that exceeds expectations. With Shelly’s Landscape Contractors, you can create all types of residential landscapes with outdoor kitchens, entertainment spaces, gardens, and beautiful lawns.

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